Your massage praxis in Lucerne

Professional, relaxing massages for body and soul

Massage Treatments

Relax and soften tense muscles, focus on specific problem areas, increase circulation and general well-being or simply treat yourself to an hour of  relaxation for body and mind. Let yourself be inspired by my range of specialist treatments: 


Full-body massage
Back-neck massage
Foot massage
Sports massage 


Treatments are paid for by some health insurances.*


Switch off from daily life and recharge your batteries whilst enjoying the relaxing effects of a professional massage.


How I work

With the focus on your specific needs I use appropriate techniques to relieve muscle pain and tension allowing you to regain balance and flow. My treatments are regenerating and invigorating as well as deeply relaxing.I focus on problem areas whilst still keeping the whole in mind.



Rebalancing is a holistic body therapy. It consists of  mindful, slow stroke techniques on the surface and deep connective tissue structures called the fasciae. These are stretched, loosened and released. It can be successfully used for various symptoms such as backache, joint problems and posture correction as well as chronic complaints.


A session lasts 70 - 90 minutes and includes a consultation, body analysis and treatment. Each session focuses on specific areas of the body and related life challenges.


Our body is energy

I work in a state of mindfulness, intuitively using the right techniques and pressure to allow maximum release and relaxation. I consider the body as a whole with the aim to facilitate energy release and stress reduction. Calm returns and stress dissipates as you let go.


My inspiration

Inspired by a trip to Hawaii I wanted to base my massage practise on some of the Hawaiian culture and philosophies. This is how the name Manaflow came about Mana – Hawaiian for limitless energy, in combination with the flow of life.

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